Internet is wide and open platform for all the creators out there. In the meantime, a lot of creative artists around the globe are still searching for a good platform or people to work with.

Thus we have created an online & offline organization named IFCA (International films and Creative artists Organization). We create family of creators, we give opportunity and equipment’s you want to play with. In IFCA we believe that anyone can unleash their creativity beyond imagination.

What Do We Do?

Imagine a bunch of talented photographers, writers, actors, filmmakers meeting at a same place. What do you think would happen next. We are family of creators in all these above mentioned fields. IFCA has achieved so many platforms and reached so many talented people across the country even before creating this organization. We create and share, Learn and grow together. We are family Beyond imagination.

Why Share With Us?

We in IFCA believe in your potential and creation. Thus, we are providing you a platform to showcase your talent. As said before, IFCA has professionals in art and entertainment field. We are ready share our knowledge about industry and art.

Here, you will get to learn photography and writing with professionals, may even get the chance to work with us, also in the upcoming years IFCA will organize competitions so that you can meetup with bunch of other talented people.

We are ready to share our knowledge, why can’t you unleash your imagination.

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