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Why Mental Health Is Stealth ?



Thinking about the time, when we didn’t think thrice before putting travel shoes on. Shopping., outing exploring foods was synonym to spree. Malls and theatres were earning and living best of their heavenly days. We were busy in our hustle and Who, I mean you know “WHO” was busy in hiding the outrageous outbreak of deadly virus in neighborhood.
I still remember the evening of 24rth march 2020, when our honorable Prime minister announced the country wide lockdown for approximately one month as a precautionary step towards corona virus.  Sudden lockdown made us befuddled, and we didn’t even get the time to rethink about the situation. Unknown of future repercussions, packed in all sanitizers and masks we took the DIP of faith, in the sea of uncertainties and followed the path showed to us by different organizations of human welfare. Everything was new and strange to all. We took 2020 as family reunion year.  We saw many of our friend countries tackling with deadliest conditions. By following protocols and going through patches we managed to survive the first wave.
But as I mentioned, without knowing the repercussion, we stepped into the passage leading to unknown destination.
What we thought to left in 2020, chased us all way here in 2021.this time more deadly, and severe. once again, we are locked in our homes, praying every day and hoping for this nightmare to end soon.

We are asked to keep ourselves healthy and fit by boosting our immunity and practicing yoga.  We are asked to have nutrient rich diet. we are loaded with lots of vitamin supplement.  we are spending our days by measuring temperature and saturation levels of our loved ones. But amid all of these “care-abouts”, what we are ignoring is less discussed yet most important aspect of health, that is MENTAL HAELTH.   Bound in the bricks of restrictions and through following the “No contact” policy, we make an ample distance among our friends and society. Mental health is subjective to an individual, but it’s get affected by everything objective around us.
Some part of India still thinks it as Fancy issue, happens to fancy people. But it’s much as illogical as one denied the existence of Corona virus. Major problem is many tend to have ‘Unrealistic optimism’ that is? Nah! I would never expose to this disease,” “I am vaccinated enough to roam without mask, corona shall not touch me”. Similarly, they don’t tend to believe in mental health hazard. But its real and does exist.
Our life has become monotonous . no enthusiasm left.  No deadlines, no challenges. Schedules which were designed to implement are still stick on the corners of the wall. This is LANGUISHING.  Every second we are living under the fear of getting exposed to this invisible creature.  Amid this situation, everyone is so scared.

Questions like – “How we would survive?” 

“What if infection reaches to lungs”?  How am I going to live under isolation?” are frequent. This results in anxiety and stress among people.  scientifically it’s been observed that in the condition of Anxiety and stress our body secrets hormones called CORTISOL AND ADRENALLINE. This is natural response of our body in the “FIGHT-FLIGHT” condition. But interesting fact about cortisol, unknown to many, that it’s also known as IMMUNOSUPPRESSANT. 

So, by being in the state of stress for long time, body overproduce Cortisol, causing fewer receptors to be produced in immune cells and inducing chronic inflammation.
It also suppresses the digestive system and the growth process.   

Few people, as they were complaining about having symptoms of covid-19, but their test result comes negative.  This is an Another trail connected to anxiety, known as condition of ‘HYPOCHONDRIASIS’/ somatoform disorder. Due to intense fear of having serious condition, person worries that even a minor symptom would indicate something serious. This results in frequent visits to doctor and health checkups. During this tough situation of pandemic, regular visits to doctors are not possible hence the people experiencing these problems are suffering on their own.  

COVID -19 patients and their family members, those are in isolation or battling hard with this vicious disease has observed the Lack of appetite, sleep, interest in any of activity, persistent sadness etcetera. They also feel claustrophobic, only at the name of isolation. If a person begins to show these signs for long time then they might be diagnosed with the clinical depression. Patients who are dealing with post recovery period , are also find it hard to fit into new regular. Agitation, frustration can easily be seen among them.
So, question arises what we can do for them or for ourselves (if we are also feeling any of the above signs)?
Mental health works on the spectrum, from depression to Flourishing. Flourishing is the peak of wellbeing, and in between floats the cloud of Languish/ callousness. Give yourself a bucket of challenges and take a small step at a time to accomplish them.

Engage yourself to learn something new. Read, write or listen that motivates you. Indulge yourself in Yoga and meditation. Take nutrition rich diet. Try to exclude yourself from negativity. Focus on facts.
Most important to all is to bridge the gap through communication. Before pandemic, I bet you’d hardly spent any quality time with your loved ones. This is the time to talk, talk a lot. Talk to share your feelings, talk to ask others there wellbeing, talk to spread awareness.
Bold enough to share your problems and be empathetic enough to understands others.  Reconnect with old ones and make new bonds on the way.
Patients dealing with this deadly virus, also need emotional support.
Physical distance is what they have asked for not mental distance. Physical healing can be done through medicines, but Mental healing needs care, love and sympathy and for healthy human both (mental/physical) being is need to be in shape. Give it time, nurture your soul and flourish to some new extent because
“This too shall pass.”

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  1. Annapurna Tripathi says:

    Bahut khoob likha h, One can read and agree with the psychological facts you have written.

  2. Tony Macks says:

    Such a beautiful blog. In these times it seems like a remedy. Reading it and learning from it. Definitely going to engage myself in some extra curriculum.

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